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Joint Venture

Our expertise, brand value and reputation for fair dealings have always left our joint venture partners happy. We are always on the lookout for land (between 1 to 5 grounds) and are delighted to offer landowners who wish to develop their property in Chennai, the opportunity to benefit from our expertise through joint ventures or outright purchase of their land at highly attractive terms. In return we promise them a trouble free process and great returns on investment.

Property acquisition, investment, development and funding often involves collaborative joint ventures (JVs) between a number of parties (property companies, on and off-shore investors, developers, land owners, public sector bodies and funders) who contribute capital, property, resources and skill and share risk. Currently, in Chennai and India, most of the builders/developers prefer Joint Ventures for land development or property redevelopment. This way, they are not constraint or short of funds even if it is a slow or dull market.

As there are good business and commercial reasons to create a joint venture (JV) with a reputed builder that has complementary capabilities and resources, such as expertise in constructions, using latest technology, adequate finance and ability to market the end product faster, joint ventures are becoming an increasingly common way for companies to develop residential, commercial and corporate complexes.

Factors To Be Considered, Screening of prospective builders, Discussions with the prospective builders and inspection of the completed sites. Due Diligence - checking the credentials of the other party ("trust and verify" - trust the information you receive from from the prospective partner, but it's good business practice to verify the facts through interviews with third parties) development of an exit strategy.